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I got the mirror as a gift from a friend before i left for college in august & i can say it’s held up so well. No flowers have fallen off & the lights haven’t died yet. It’s so cute & you can tell a lot of love & work went into it. Would 100% purchase myself & I 10/10 recommend

Janisa P.

I got this last summer and I absolutely love it, it's cute and aesthetically pleasing I also got a small one as a present for my sister in law and she also loved it. They are close to being a year of us having them and the lights are still going strong.

Gardenia C.

The two sunflower mirrors I bought was beautiful. The lights on them made the mirrors even more beautiful, I highly recommend you guys to purchase! Some affordable prices as well

Ben-Nazia S.

I purchased 2 sunflower mirrors from Yoli, a small one and a large one, over a year ago and they are still in such great shape. No flowers have fallen off the lights still work perfectly fine. Yoli worked with me the whole entire time and made sure the mirrors were perfect and exactly what I wanted.

Asona-Le A.

I received a mini & tall mirror from Yolian. They both compliment the rest of my decor in my room. I use my mini mirror for my makeup table and my tall mirror just to take pictures in. They both came with lights around it and I light them both up at night time. I definitely recommend buying!!

Jada B.

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